I have finally bitten the bullet and checked my credit file with a thirty day FREE trial from Experian … Make sure you remember to cancel it after a month! 

A welcome surprise of … In two months I’ll be debt free! DEBT FREE

Since 2005 I have had every store card, catalogue, credit card, overdraft, or form of credit you can think of, some with credit limits totalling thousands. I’ve fallen into arrears with any credit or any way possible! I’ve had bailiffs knock on the door, letters both via the post and hand delivered. 

Part of my bipolar means I spend money.. it brings me joy. I don’t have to need what I bought, I just love the feeling. However this is no excuse for the amount of debt I was in or the fact my head wasn’t buried in sand,but concrete! 

Since around 2009, I stopped, mainly because no one accepted me, but since then nothing… I don’t even have an overdraft! 

L has been both vocal and supportive in helping me not to spend money I don’t have, and ensuring I don’t ignore it either. She helps me budget, ensures bills are paid and makes sure I still have money for myself. I’m immensely grateful for her help. 

I used to dread the post coming through the door, every day. It was always a letter threatening all sorts, but now I skip for the post, I’m excited to see what’s in it! 

I pay our bills and rent on time, I have no credit to speak of and there’s always money put aside for vet bills. 

This has by no means been easy, in fact my need to spend, has been about as strong as my need for Pepsi! I’ve had tantrums, felt like I was beyond stifled and had to resist the numerous credit card applications/advertisments coming through the door!

To give you Some idea, here is a list of my debts from 2005 -2009

  • Barclays bank 
  • Barclaycard x2 (paid off & reused)
  • Capital one x2 (paid off & reused) 
  • Next directory
  • Littlewoods
  • Simply be
  • Marisota
  • Jd Williams
  • Argos
  • Very
  • Home shop 
  • Evans card 
  • Various Utilities
  • Water Company 
  • Vanquis Card 
  • Grattan catalogue
  • Lloyds account 
  • Rent arrears 
  • Phone contract
  • Phone bills 

Writing this list made me cringe! Debt is such an unspoken thing, people don’t like to admit they’re in it, but also they don’t talk about it, thus not getting the best deals, if you require a credit card for a large expense or to improve your credit file. 

The Money saving expert is a great site for deals, explanations and offers on everything from magazines and your weekly shop, to loans and insurance!

I’m embarrassed I was in the situation I was, but I couldn’t see a way out. Ignoring it didn’t help, obviously, the letters kept coming, the door never got answered, the pile got bigger as did my stress! 

I feel some sort of control, but also I’m far more grateful for the things I do buy now! 

Love Sooz xx 


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  1. Really well done. What an immense feeling of satisfaction you must have, and two months is not a long time in the grand scheme of things. Big thumbs up to you!

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  2. Great achievement Sooz!

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  3. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    I’ve been there too, I’ll be debt free including my student loan by January. Congratulations to you becoming debt free, huge achievement _😁

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  4. finchiesays says:

    Great job, I cannot wait to be in your shoes! I was just diagnosed bipolar 2 this past year and helped me realized that my spending habits were because of it!

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    1. Thankyou! Love Soozxx


  5. viczye23 says:

    Congratulations. I cant wait to be debt free. I blogged mine tonight eo i could write a plan of action to get ky debt free.

    I find the more debt im in the more i stress and worry so the more i shop ans spend. Its a never ending cycle.

    I notice you had vanquis. They are the devil. Thats my biggest debt and the highest interest rate. Its going to be 3 years approx for me me pay off my vanquis card. I wish i never got it

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    1. Vanquis weren’t even the worst! They should be challenged by law!

      Good luck and well done for starting. Love Sooz x


  6. I’m so happy for you being debt free. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to write such post. Well done, amazing – especially when you mentioned your bipolar made you spend more. Inspirational

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    1. Thankyou, that really means a lot! Love Sooz x


  7. Gemma says:

    I was debt free then got ill and couldn’t work for 9 months so got into debt again. Thankfully I’m now out of that debt and it such a great feeling. I owe nothing. Even the library, I paid off that £1.60 last week. Congratulation on being debt free. In this day and age it’s a very unique way to be. Well done. I have anxiety and it also causes spending for no reason. The crap I’ve bought in the past…

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    1. I’m glad for you. Debt is such a huge burden, and I’m sad that so many people have to bear it. Love Sooz x

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