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My previous experience of Asda has always been a game of two halves, firstly I love their products but secondly their online payment method always went wrong! 

A little while ago, I had an email to say that their payment system had been changed and no money would be earmarked by the bank prior to delivery! 

Today was the first time I tried home delivery since and it was good. Two substitutes, asked for bags, only 2 bags sent with half the things not packed. However the service, communication and products were so positive, I wouldn’t think twice about ordering from them again… Asda I’m back! 

I usually order from Tesco because of the clubcard points, but the rollback and offers at Asda mean I’m getting a far better deal.

I have put my full shopping list and prices at the end of this blog, in case you’re interested. 

My delivery driver was Stephen, he did his job swiftly, without the banal small talk about the weather… I’m ridiculously grateful for that, I hate having to chat.. “just give me the food!” 

Doing a full food shop instore is just not possible any more, I need to the loo about four times and I get ridiculously tired, so online has been our saviour. 

Everything had really good dates and looked fresh, A packet of cooked chicken had an October date! 

I’ll definitely use Asda again, without hesitation.. just send a few more bags next time! 
Love Sooz x

Shopping List 

French Fries, ready salted £1.45

Walkers baked, ready salted £1.45

Asda shades luxurious quilted 9pk £3.50

Asda 2x loose green peppers £1.20

Blue Dragon oyster sauce £1.49

Blue Dragon hoisin sauce £1.48

Asda chicken & sweetcorn micro rice 50p

Asda egg fried micro rice 50p

Pepsi Max x 2 2l bottles £2

Asda no added sugar orange squash £2.50

Bold 2in1 liquitabs 18pk £3.00

Asda smartprice 18pk eggs £ 1.25

Asda loose spring onions 45p

Cathedral city 700g £4.00

Asda smartprice soft cheese 300g 74p

Primula cheese tube with ham 150g £1.44

Asda Spanish Chorizo (sliced) 150g £1.50

Asda Spanish Chorizo (whole) 225g £2.00

Asda wafer thin smoked ham 480g £2.00

Asda chargrilled chicken slices (10) £2.00

Asda pork cocktail sausages 410g £2.00

Pepperami (5) original 25g each £1.00

Asda cheesy Memphis bbq dip 200g £1.00

Clover spread 1kg £2.00

Asda British salted block butter 250g 85p

Asda white mushrooms 400g £1.00

Asda chicken breast strips 750g £3.75

Birds eye light & crunchy x2 chicken £1.50

Birds eye sf light & crunchy x2 chicken £1.50 

McCain crispy french fries 1.4kg £2.00

Asda whole green beans frozen 750g 75p

Asda 3 indulgent moments chocolate orange ice creams £1.50

Warburtons giant crumpets x2 50p

Asda x2 loose red onions 26p

New York bakery plain bagels x 4 75p

Asda wholemeal pittas x6 50p 

Bag charge 40p

Delivery charge £3.00

Promotional savings £2.40 

Crisps 2 for £2 

Asda squash 2 for £2

Frozen chicken 2 for £2 


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kalamain says:

    Personally I go for Sainsburys. Yeah you pay a little bit more… But it is only a *little* more, but the quality of the meats and own brand stuff is just so much better.

    We don’t use the online delivery that often… We only use it when we get a voucher at the till. You know… Spend £50 online and get £10 off your bill? Yeah, those… It’s worth it to us. *shrug*

    Also. Do ASDA have varying prices for delivery at different times? It may be worth seeing if you can get that £3 delivery down to one…. Or free.
    And I can’t comment on the bags. We get ours delivered without bags. You just take the box/grate thingy into the kitchen and empty it then and there on the counter. It’s only ever the last one you have to empty at the door.

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