The post birthday blues- is it real? 

I’m not entirely sure today is categorized as a bad day, more an internal battle, of suppressing my sadness, anger and pure frustration. 

Yesterday I turned 29. I really enjoyed a little picnic by the river and just some really good quality chill time.. and an obligatory ice cream.. of course! 

I got some beautiful cards and some incredibly thoughtful presents. I went to sleep full of pizza and cake! 

This morning I’ve woken up irritated by myself that I’m 29 and what have I done? who am I?  With tinged of sadness that some haven’t shown their care this year.

The tinge of sadness however has turned to anger and paranoia, do they think so little of me? Do they know how it makes me feel? What did I do?  

The internal battle comes, as I want to be grateful, focus upon the people who did bother and the absolutely lovely timeni had when I was by the river.

 I feel like I’m literally fighting myself. I feel like I’m being selfish or spoiled by wanting a gift: like is a £5 present too much to ask? Especially when I had been asked what I wanted.

Maybe it’s me? 

Maybe my expectations are just too much? 

Maybe money issues got in the way? 

I don’t know. 

Maybe I’m projecting my sadness around being 29 onto that, instead of concentrating on bettering myself or being ok with who I am and what I’ve done? 

I don’t feel 29, I see celebrities the same age and I feel so immature! I’m 30 NEXT YEAR! I still feel 18-19, or 70-80 in my little old soul! 

I’m sure I’ll get over the feeling…

Love Sooz xx


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  1. tarnishedsoul says:

    Happy birthday fellow Virgo! 😉 I was born on the day before yours…although many more years ago. I can safely say, you have to treat yourself on your birthday, because other people don’t remember that well.

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    1. Happy Birthday to you too! Love Sooz x

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  2. Happy Birthday 🙂 birthdays are very reflective time for me (I just turned 33 on the 23rd of this month). For some reason, I remember turning 29 and feeling exactly the same way you do…I think it’s because we can see the milestone of 30 looming in the not so distant future! There is so much expectation around birthdays, which leads to disappointment. After I turned 30 I asked my friends & family to remember to just send me a card or note and write something nice in it – no presents! I actually enjoy my birthday so much more now because I don’t have any expectations & I people take more time to write lovely thoughtful messages because they know I don’t want a present. Of course, there are always a couple of people who ignore my no present request & that’s ok too. best wishes to you 🙂

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    1. Thankyou! That’s a lovely idea! Happy Sunday! Love Sooz x

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  3. Kalamain says:

    Meh. I’m 42 going on 6… Don’t stress it so much.
    And also don’t stress yourself about others. Some will have forgotten, some will think you are too old for pressies and some just won’t have a clue what to get you. Getting old is awesome!
    You will know if they genuinely don’t care and they can be allowed to drift away if they want to. Nothing lasts forever… But make the most of what you have!

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    1. You’re very right! Love Sooz x

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  4. Happy birthday 🎂 Sooz! As you get order (I am a mere 4 years older than you but freaked out a little at 30). I find that birthdays are a bit more diy!

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    1. Thankyou!I’ll definitely be planning a diy for next year !
      Love Sooz x


  5. That should say older not order!
    I made myself a party at 30 and it was lovely, it’s all about adjusting expectations. Happy birthday again, have a lovely weekend.

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    1. Thankyou! Have a great weekend! Love Sooz x


  6. PTcontender says:

    Sounds like you had a fun bday! I am in the same boat! About to turn 27, and feeling like I should be in a different place in life. The only thing that has helped me with this internal struggle is to remember that im working on something now, a big goal, that I will achieve one day and it doesn’t matter if I’m kind of late to the game :)) –jess

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  7. wow–you sound a bit like me–my blues always start earlier. I think they hit when I was about 21 or 22, and I thought all these things were going to happen by then. I know around 24 I really got feeling that way, that “hey, i’m 24 and this-this-this-this-this and this haven’t happened yet? What the hell did I do?” Every year it happens, and usually lasts the whole month up to my birthday, which I don’t bother really celebrating anymore. My best friend is so far away, and I don’t really like getting presents. I mean, I’m an impulse buyer, so I would feel terrible if somebody gave me something I already had…that’s why I’m the gift card queen, it makes it easy for them (hee hee). But everybody’s got expenses and kids and I don’t want a fuss (and I’m trying to get rid of all the practically-hoarded crap I already have!). I think it’s almost normal to have the birthday be a little bit of a downer, immediately before or after–at least in some respect. But hey, if you’re with your friends enjoying the day, especially in these crazy, hectic, busy times where almost nobody’s on the same social page…then that’s a good birthday. Hugs, and have fun.

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    1. Thankyou! I wish nobody ever felt like I did, especially on my birthday! X

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