Review: Primark instant tan light/medium 

I’m pale not as pale as Casper the friendly ghost but pale and freckly with a constant hope of being a bronzed goddess… It’s never going to happen! 

After many fake tan disasters I eventually gave up.. and saved on both money and pride! 

But I like the odd instant tan that will wash off.. 

I saw some in Primark.. ‘BRONZE’ I thought ‘it’ll be rubbish, it’s cheap stuff, that’ll probably stain!’ 

But I’ll give it a go.. it smelled nice but looked like wood stain… Mahogany! 

I put it on and rubbed in like moisturiser..  adding 2 layers altogether and it looked… Lovely! A proper brown instead of a satsuma! It smelled lovely and dried in a few minutes without too much hassle.. I stupidly did it whilst sitting on my bed, there was a few hand marks but they washed out no problem without pre soaking or added stain remover.

I had a white bra on that day and it did leave a stain – pink- on that, even after a wash. 

It took a decent scrub to get it all off and it would definitely hold up to a sweaty day or a rain shower! 

I had it on both my face and body!

At £2.50 it’s an absolute bargain! I’ll definitely be buying it again! 

Primark in the last 6 months to a year, along with the pound shops, really seem to have upped their make-up game. This isn’t the first make-up product from Primark I’ve loved .. their lip crayons, highlighting kits and false eyelashes are all, in my opinion, just as good as some of their far pricier rivals! 
Love Sooz xx


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