The nightmare that is… clothes shopping! 

Yesterday a trip into Primark proved to me that No matter how much weight you lose it’s always going to be difficult. 

Coming home with earrings, knickers, Shoes, scarf And some fake tan, only one of them has a clothing size and guess which one didn’t fit the one with the size whilst I am not I can fit in size 18/20 knickers if they are stretchy.

I chose some lovely unicorn and turquoise patterned ones that are like stretchy shorts in a Primark XL (18-20) . I was going to try them on but was told I couldn’t as they don’t have a hygiene strip. I got home tried them on, and they’re quite tight! Like could be a 14/16 tight! I had a pair of unworn size 14’s and thought I would compare… 

I wrote and Instagram post not so long ago about sizing and how the number doesn’t mean anything, but you know what it does. When there’s no sizes above what you’ve got and you have a wasted purchase, you feel like crying, screaming and chopping bits of your body off!

Whilst I can now shop in some high street shops, it’s hard when a 16’s too tight, an 18’s too big, a 20 is weirdly shaped and they’re all too long! Not one shop I’ve also noticed, add length to their larger sizes.. I have relatively small boobs (more about bra shopping later) but my tummy is my largest part, meaning tops and dresses tend to rise up. 

I was also shopping for a new bra.. I am around a 40 b/c …Have you ever looked for one in that size? Don’t! All of the largest sizes also are in big cup sizes, if I bought a D, it looks like someone popped a deflated balloon in the cup! 

Losing weight can make some shopping easier, but I’m still at that size where I’m not quite plus and not quite ‘normal’. My body is also a very strange shape… It’s like a hourglasses sand all got stuck in the middle.. I have ok legs and small top half and then this inflatable tyre that is stuck inbetween!

Is it just me that feels so deflated shopping? Feel like they have no idea what to actually wear now? 

Do you think I can just  wear a sack? 
Love Sooz x


13 thoughts on “The nightmare that is… clothes shopping! 

  1. Sooz, it is really not just you. Really and truly.
    I look forward to the day I can shop in primark. I know that in theory they sell my size but in practice their sizing is really small (maybe that’s why they are cheap? They use less material that way?)

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  2. Sooz, high street shops model their clothing on women’s bodies that do not exist. I’ve been a stable weight for as long as I remember and I still find clothes shopping a bit of a hit-and-miss experience. Often I find that my butt and thighs are too big or my arms and legs too short for the clothes they market for the “average” woman. Please don’t judge your body by their standards as (unless you look like a mannequin) it’s damn near impossible to achieve their idea of a woman’s body. Yours is beautiful right now, and yours will stay beautiful as you carry on in this weight loss journey 😊 xxx

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  3. Oh man, I know exactly what you mean!! I complain all the time about how clothes are SO inconsistently sized. It’s infuriating when an XXL in one brand doesn’t even begin to sort of fit, but a L in another brand is falling off of me. And it really sucks when you go into a shop and even though you’ve worked hard to lose weight, you’re still bigger than their top size. I’ve lost 100+ pounds and STILL can’t just walk into a store like The Gap and be confident that I can fit into their size 14 or 16 or XL. Its upsetting, for sure. You’re not alone in that!!

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      1. I think every girl feels that way about shopping! I never know my size because it is different in every single store I go into. I constantly have to tell myself that it isn’t me, its the clothes. It is frustrating that men do not even have to try things on. All their sizes are always the same. I usually will find a great pair of clothes that fit, check the size guide online and then compare it to other online stores (so for example if I am a size 12 at one store and their pants fit amazing, I will look at the measurements for a size 12 and compare it to other stores). That seems to have helped shopping a little bit. Good luck on your journey

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