Social Media- a vortex! 

This week seems to have been swallowed up by social media, never before have I felt like such a technophobe! 

Within a fortnight I’ve: 

  • Set up a Twitter page
  • Set up a Facebook page 
  • Written blogs 
  • Reviewed my instagram 

Yesterday it dawned on me when I share blogs, it’s completely blocking up my own Facebook, that before now I didn’t actually use as often. Also on public pages, my own name is on it, which concerns me! 

Trying to keep up to date with all 4 social medias is difficult, this is definitely a first world problem, and I’ve rolled my eyes at myself several times! 

I began with Instagram and many people on there I chatted to regularly, I felt neglectful that I hadn’t liked their pictures. Had no idea what they were up to. I felt ridiculously guilty. I didn’t reply to comments, I didn’t follow anyone back, as I was concentrating on my blog.
As I have only just begun on Twitter, I don’t really know anyone, but I want it to grow! I feel self centered by saying that! But I don’t know what all the ❤’s are for etc…

My Facebook page has been by far the worst to navigate, I have absolutely no idea what I’m actually doing , and I’m really just hoping for the best. I’ve invited some friends, then it dawned on me.. I don’t want some people to read my blog…. I don’t want them to see what I write… They’ll judge me. But that’s the peril of having both a public Instagram and blog. I’m hoping some Will be pleased with who I am.

So, to help me to cope with all my social medias (I’m acutely aware I’m moaning) I’ve devised some rules for myself: 

  1. Social media other than Instagram must only take up one hour (twenty minutes each) 
  2. Blog posts are only once or twice a week and try to be focused on weight loss as much as possible
  3. Photos must be from a written source on social media or my own 
  4. Follows, likes and shares are unimportant, connecting is. 

    How do you guys manage all of your social media? 

    Love Sooz x


    4 Comments Add yours

    1. You might check out HootSuite. I have not used them yet, but everyone tells me you can manage your social media there. Not sure if it is free or not.

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      1. Thankyou, I’ll definitely check it out! Have a good day. Love Sooz x

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    2. Use what you need, don’t feel you have to have anything else.

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    3. Simon says:

      I’ve always found social media to be a vortex, I avoid Facebook and I blog and tweet, if I had something to manage it all in one place I might use more, but like you I don’t want everyone knowing everything about me. The question is, why do we use it, is it working and do we need it? Sometimes I wonder… Lol ☺

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