Visitor Review: Chester Cathedral Exhibition’Bricks in Motion’ 1/8/16

Bright Bricks are a UK based professional Lego building company certified by Lego. Past endeavours have included a 40ft Christmas tree and a working jet engine made entirely from Lego! Bright Bricks also do parties, custom Lego, corporate events, portraits and art! Check out their website at 

Chester Cathedral was originally built in 1093 and has been modified many times to its current size. It’s home to the Diocese of Chester. With more than 200,000 visitors and events throughout the year ranging from Lego, to a screening of The Snowman with a live orchestra. 

They have now come together and put on the ‘Bricks in motion’ exhibition Which is a trip through history in LEGO! Described on their website as: 

An exhibition of more than 100 Lego models created by some of the finest LEGO artists in the world to celebrate the weird and wonderful world of transport. 

See rockets, cranes, hovercrafts, f1 cars, snowmobiles, Concorde, a combine harvester and the mighty Titanic like never before at Chester Cathedral this summer- all made entirely of LEGO!

The bricks in Motion  exhibition showcases many different modes of transport – from a 7.2 x 1.2m long replica of the Titanic to Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Mercedes. 

The models took a year to construct and were created by 22 of the finest LEGO artists in the world, including Duncan Titmarsh, the UK’s only certified LEGO professional. 

Everything has minute details hedgehogs, flowers, waves and passengers aboard the Titanic- complete with band on deck! 

Each exhibit has a card explaining what it is, it’s nationality, inventors and the scale. I learned more than I thought!

There is sputnik, a hot air balloon and a KLM plane. On a Monday morning we expected it to be fairly quiet, but it was packed, there was a queue to get in. 
So much work has clearly gone in to each model, they’re all so detailed! 

Priced at £3 to get in, I expected more interaction for adults, as I enjoy pushing buttons and building things as much as a four year old. I also would have loved a few more photo opportunities as I love a good selfie. Some picture backgrounds could help this!

However on leaving their were so many children building Lego figures and cars, as well as many buying pieces to contribute to ‘Chester Cathedral in Lego’.Which was lovely to see. Whilst this may not of been 100% my cup of tea, many children and adults were chatting happily about the exhibit and obviously were incredibly enthusiastic. 

We visit the Cathedral at least a few times a month and always enjoy our visit, sometimes to sit in the garden, sometimes for some quiet contemplation. There is always something to see, or that you haven’t seen before. 

For the same £3 each you can visit the Falconry Centre just next door, get up close with Falcons and Eagles, see Jacobs sheep- which are quite friendly and Learn about reptiles Whilst handling a few! 

Overall experience: 7/10 

Lego in Motion: 7/10 

Value for money: 6/10 

Educational: 9/10 

A few more buttons and I would have been thrilled!
Love Sooz x

‘Bricks in Motion’ Runs from 16th July until 4th September. 
Check out the website with full details, times and costs


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  1. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    Lego! Every year there is a 2 day show called the Brick Show that sounds a lot like what you described. I love it, I’d love to go to your one!

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    1. That sounds amaze! I’m not really a Lego enthusiast! But it was good all the same! X

      Liked by 1 person

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