No Junk July- The review! 

The Challenge. 

I was inspired by a lovely lady on instagram (@rachel_ican_iwill) who did #NojunkJune, frankly I thought I would last a couple of days, or I would end up cheating and spiralling into the ‘What doesnt go on instagram didnt happen’ mindset.This also included my mental health.

I wrote the rules myself… 

The Blog

Whilst doing the challenge I decided I would begin a blog I’ve wanted to for a while, but I’ve been scared, how much informaton do you tell people? what if people you know read it? argh! then I realised my instagram is public I talk about 99% of my daily life on there, and maybe a blog could allow me to go more in-depth, using it almost like a journal.. but then inturn I could read other peoples blogs.. find out about them, get ideas, be inspired!

Week One.

Week one began like any new diet…with enthusiasm that soon turned to pure and utter hatred for anyone eating! On July 1st I had to fast as I had an ultrasound to determine whether all was well with my gallbladder and kidneys. we did a no junk july food shop, which made me wanted cake! I’m managed pretty well, I still glowered at everyone eating chcocolate. I found new snacks and new ways to cook, as long as I ate proper meals that were satisfying my need to snack diminished. 

Seven out of seven days. 

Week Two. 

By week two I frankly would have traded in my family for chips… on the sunday I had a gold bar and one bag of crisps and realised why I hadnt eaten them, I felt like a big fat failure, so I decided not to give up, but to keep going! This was the week I was diagnosed with fairly large gallstones.. and told to lose weight to get my gallbladder removed… my digestive system frankly hasn’t been the same since if im honest! on wednesday I ate some chips with my salad, that would be the last of my slip ups! I also weighed myself and lost 5lbs! that was a definite motivation!  

5 days out of 7 

Week Three. 

This week was blisteringly hot so cooking wasn’t really a priority, however eating ice cream and drinking ALL the fizzy pop was my craving! I spent time outside mainly just drinking frozen squash, my digestive system was playing up ridiculously, I’ll spare you the gory details, but, those who have had gallstones will know the deal! I lost another 4lbs this week, unsurprisingly as my tummy has been so bloated! Everywhere I looked people were bringing in takeout food and eating cake.. I’ve got to admit I had a little cry over some chips, but I was strong and didnt eat them! 

7 days out of 7

Week Four. 

This week has been nothing short of god awful.. my tummy has been having a few issues, I have taken medical advice, however much I want to stuff my face with food, it just doesnt happen, it’s like my tummys shrunk! Although I’ve really made an effort to plan my food and also conquer my fear of spending time alone which isn’t in the house, I absolutely hate wandering around town on my own!

 7 days out of 7

Total days 29 out of 31 days
Total weight loss. -13lbs

Blog Results.

The blog.. which you’re now reading, started 4 weeks ago. 22 posts later, I love reading beauty and news blogs from around the world, I also adore watching cooking vlogs and I’ve learned more about the world by reading blogs this month than I ever have before!

I have also enjoyed writing, and reading comments from people I have never met from across the globe, people I know from school, university and life!


over 2500 views

in over 66 countries


What I Learned. 

  • Thinking positively really can help
  • That I don’t want to give up Facebook- I used it throughout
  • I ate too much chocolate before
  • A balanced diet is key
  • Hydration is also key
  • How much I’ve changed as a person, one slip up and i didn’t give up
  • That I can focus
  • That i don’t need treat days or meals
  • That I probably would kill for chips…haha!
  • I adore blogging

Where do we go from here? (yes, I sang that in my head – Buffy style)

Although I frankly cannot wait for some chocolate, a bit of ice cream and some cake, I know how much #nojunkjuly has taught me not just physically but mentally. I know that I  can do it, I know I dont need junk food all the time, I  also know that not eating junk can be done and I will not pass out or die!


Love Sooz x
Examples of the food I ate-

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Well done Sooz! I’m so glad you’re here. I love reading your blog. Keep on keeping on!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Love Sooz x


    1. Thank you! Love Sooz x


  2. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    Well done you! I’m really glad you started the blog too 😁


  3. Rachel #ican #iwill says:

    Love this 💛

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rachel #ican #iwill says:

    Totally amazing, will be back to read!, I’m kinda thinking I might start blog writing! Not sure where to start but I think it could help, like a diary etc! Love me

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you started a blog, I would be your first cheerleader. Gotta be honest, I would love to read more in depth stuff from you. You’re so inspiring and tough! Love Sooz x


  5. Absolutely love your No junk July criteria, don’t think I would last though .. lol.@Rachel #ican #iwill , it is always difficult to start but just start. Loving the diary concept,I just started my blog which is a similar concept. I am sure it will be a great success.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou! I adore blogging now! I also think she should. Love Sooz x


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