Gallstones, Gluttony and Treats!

I was diagnosed with gallstones a few weeks ago after a good few months of pain, scans and doctors you want to punch in the goolies because they’re so bloody irritating. 

Unfortunately they can’t operate until I lose more weight, and the stones are big enough to not block anything. The pain is technically in my own hands, if I eat peanuts or too much fat, sugar or dairy it’s kinda painful. You might be thinking…well aren’t you staring right at the solution? Stop eating those things! 
Like a toddler or me, I always want what I shouldn’t have. I’m doing no junk July, and I want to scream “can’t I have ANYTHING?” I want to shovel food in, ice cream, chocolate, crisps, soda and cheese! But I won’t… I’m just being grumpy! 

I found a list of does and dont’s online and did the thing of reading it like “well, I will just eat a fucking carrot then!” But a few changes might be beneficial! 

I need to help myself! 

I said goodbye to bacon with a bacon and low fat cream cheese bagel for lunch today. It was so sad, I almost wore black and played a funeral March as I carried my plate to the table.

A treat meal doesn’t need to contain 9,000 calories and take 7 hours to eat. It could be as simple as some cheese, some chocolate or some bacon. I’m saying this through gritted teeth.  I want to eat ALL THE FOOD and be a size 10! Why? why is life so bloody irritating? 
I want to smear a McDonald’s big mac around my face and tip Pepsi over my head! Whilst stuffing fries dipped in a mcflurry in my mouth a fistful at a time! 
God that sounds strangely wonderful..throw in “black velvet” playing in the background! 

My best plan is to make this a challenge, stick to it and suck it up!
Love Sooz xx  


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  1. surman1972 says:

    I don’t follow months like Movember, no junk July etc, I decided the last 3 weeks were gonna be bread free, and just did it. Don’t be pushed by others be your own guide.

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    1. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

      This is a great idea, unfortunately some of us need the kick of a ‘special month’ in order to be able to do it. I hope to one day be as disciplined as you and be able to just stop for a while of my own accord ☺

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  2. Simon says:

    Damn that’s harsh! Good luck Sooz x

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  3. Kalamain says:

    Gallstones are painful. Damn. B-(
    Having said that… It may be a bit of a “silver lining”, but pain is a really good way of making you obey the healthy diet!

    Sometimes it’s the carrot… Sometimes it’s the stick. Sheesh! B-)

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  4. You can do it Sooz!
    I had gestational diabetes and it is amazing how having a clear medical reason instead of a vague “it’s not great being overweight”, helps keep us on track.
    Thanks for keeping on checking in on my blog also. I really appreciate it.

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    1. So true and right back at you! Love Sooz x


  5. Is it cheating to tell you that there are substitute products for nearly everything you mention? Best of luck!

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    1. Haha! Thank you! I’m going to have a look when I go shopping! Love Sooz xx


  6. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    I just about cried at the bacon part. I went 7 months without bacon last year for my elimination diet and it was tough #baconislyfe

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    1. I’m really sad! Love Sooz x

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