I told you I have strange dreams…. 

​I got a Windmill and bluebells tattooed on my fingers two round ones the windmill on my third finger and bluebells on first I put an aldi sticker on the second, they were colourful ones I got them just before dinner outside a shop by the canal they looked like stained glass type. I went to dinner with parents. People were arguing so couldn’t make it,  L still worked at a shop some friends came over, one had tree of life tattoo on her stomach, I cried when she hugged her little girl, they had these weird bearded dragons with long snouts like a crocodile , A New grocery shop was open but tiny and looked like a shed I saw a mattress on a dusty orange floor through the window, went to other one and they sold everything and meerkats, I got one with my Grandma’s exact head, called my Mum to tell her but she answered with “in sick of this. I’m late for the dentist” the new houses looked different with an arc big window and were all little cottages. I gave next door neighbour a lift home as he had to go to a different neighbours to pick the grandkids a meerkat, he didn’t want one like him!


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  1. I have nominated YOU for the


  2. Kalamain says:

    Stop eating cheese before bed. B-)

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  3. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    Wow that is bizzare!


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