The unknown

​The unknown: stepping into the unknown is how you come to know things. I think the problem comes when someone else holds the cards and you can’t have them, their cards are going to either throw you into the abyss or keep you afloat. It’s a source of intense worry, more so when they’ve shown others their cards and they give you little hints, but you’re still so unsure, it’s like standing in quicksand that moves just slow enough that you’re getting ever anxious but fast enough that you can’t move. I know I’ll never give anyone any cards ever again. But all I want is honesty and communication, not game playing and whispers. Constantly threatening something makes anyone feel insecure, but it also makes the condition unworkable.  


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  1. I always show my cards! Even when I’m bluffing! #texasholdem


  2. HannahRose says:

    You should never ever feel threatened, i understand what you mean about the feeling like your stuck in quick sand. You are such an inspiration! you are taking back your life and taking control and that’s absolutely awsome. Keep it up hun xx

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    1. Thankyou! Love Sooz x


  3. ToadieOdie says:

    Ugh! I have so been in this type of quicksand than I care for. I feel you! It’s times like those I wish I can steal all the cards and run away – or just play a different game. Hang in there though and know that you got this!

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    1. Thank you very much! Love Sooz x


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