Myself and Holly met in 2005, she is L’s cat originally. At first it was a battle of wills, I wanted her to do as she was told, she wanted me to do as I was told! Once I backed down, we found a very special friendship, one Which has blossomed massively in the last few years.

 I can pick her up without the possibility of needing stitches! People often comment on the way I treat Holly, pamper her, take her into account as much if not more as a human, what they don’t realise is, I owe her everything, when I have an anxiety attack she’s there, after a fit she’s there. 

She makes me get up on a morning even when I feel like I can’t. She makes me take her for a walk when I just don’t feel like I can. 

Sometimes I talk to her, sing to her or just look at her and I feel calmer. She’s always there and asks for plenty in return. I couldn’t do without her cuddles, her telling offs or just her little face. 

My love for her runs deeper than I can describe. When someone scoffs at me giving her a blanket or her having her own seat, I know inside that I’m only doing a small thing for a cat that does huge things for me. I’m so proud of the beautiful cat she has become, and I’ll be forever grateful!

Love Sooz x


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