My food…now!

This is the first blog post not copied over or edited from my Instagram! That’s scary in itself, but the post is also about food, my frenemy! 

I work hard now, not only cooking and planning food, but also on colours and presentation. 

Some facts: 

  • We shop once a fortnight 
  • The freezer is my best tool 
  • We spent £35 a week on food for two people 
  • I have to plan my snacks 
  • I eat my biggest meal at lunch 
  • Bread is my biggest vice 
  • Portion sizes and salt are my weakness 

Food is still something I cling onto when I’m stressed, but instead of a full family food shop, I just eat one or two things. 

Also, I’m not saying that I eat kale 24/7 I have treats, I have treats maybe once or twice a week rather than daily. My treat is also half a portion of fish and chips or a shared pub meal rather than a whole portion that I get too full to finish. 

Flavours are also incredibly important. I have a big tub of all different herbs and I enjoy experimenting, sometimes it’s not always good, I’ve also found I cook nearly everything from scratch and if use meat, it’s a cut of meat not processed chicken remoulded and battered. 

I can’t imagine eating, or more importantly enjoying the food I used to eat. Most of it was flavourless stodge, that had next to no nutrition. 

My top tips

  • The freezer is your friend 
  • An omlette takes less than 10 minutes to cook 
  • Experiment 
  • Plan meals when you shop 
  • Make your plate pretty for you- not Instagram staged pretty
  • Make a rainbow with veggies 
  • Look for offers 
  • Buy as many non processed foods as you can 
  • Buy healthy snacks- if you’re going to snack, control it 
  • Buy cooked meat offcuts… They’re great for salads, sandwiches etc… And cheap 

Make a change on your plate! 

Love sooz x 


10 Comments Add yours

  1. I didn’t know you bloged! I miss little grocery bills- now that I have nana its a lot more. I manage to keep it between 180-200 for the 3 of us

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    1. Oooh it took me a minute! I’ve only just started like a week ago! I think everyone’s different, especially with groceries! Xx


  2. Simon says:

    This all looks pretty good to me, I feel guilty as I should be doing this sort of thing.

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  3. This really helps me as I start my healthy eating!!

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  4. weightluce says:

    All your meals look lovely! And colourful!
    I completely agree, bread is my biggest vice too.
    I’m very new to blogging but it’s nice to follow other people with similar view and goals. Really motivating!

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  5. Kalamain says:

    See if you have a farm shop local to you. You will notice another improvement over what you used to eat.

    Even better…. Try and grow some stuff yourself! B-)


  6. Hey, I really like what I’m reading! I’m a person with a lot of issues and in order to make the most of each day I’ve made a conscious choice to keep it on the bright side. Do things that give joy which also includes what I read and see. Even though you are dealing with heavy and consuming topics on your blog I still find reading it a positive experience. I admire your positivity and look forward to your future posts!

    You seem like a really lovely person. I hope all the best for you!
    Love, A


  7. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    I like Instagram food posts like yours and mine where the food is pretty on the plate but not looking like hours were spent on positioning of each item and the lighting. Seems like so many of these people must be eating cold food by the time they’re done with the photoshoot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that too! Some days it looks that the cat puked it up, but tastes amazing! I literally can’t actually be bothered to arrange! I Move it closer to the window for lighting! Xx

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  8. rhythminlife says:

    Good job sweet lady 💕💕💕

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