Dear Prudence… 

 The black cat who changed my life. Just writing that makes my heart skip a beat. Prudence came into our lives rather suddenly on 19th December 2010, she had gone to a local charity shop starving and pregnant. L worked 2 shops away and they took her to her. She put up a notice to look for her owner, but nothing. I didn’t know about this, until she came through the door with a box saying “let me tell you the story first” I thought it was a rabbit. I said she could tell me as I opened the box… I opened a corner and out pushed a matted, greasy black head… Then the most beautiful eyes, then a meowing Siamese cross that suddenly launched at my head to hug and head butt me… I burst into tears and hugged her. The rush of love was immense. She meowed and purred so loudly, like a little meercat The next few weeks involved vet trips- they aged her at between 6 months and one years old, they weren’t sure she would survive and at one point said to put her down, I refused. 

I slept on the sofa for nearly a month, cuddling her, feeding her and making sure she made the litter tray…. Her bladder wasn’t great! One day she sadly miscarried, her frail body just couldn’t do it. A little while afterwards we took her to be neutered, it was obvious she had already had kittens. But this was the best decision, her bladder issues stopped, she didn’t cry all night! It took about 3 months for Holly to fully accept her. During this time Pru was my best friend. She came everywhere, except outside, with me, she didn’t judge me.

Pru didn’t know how to play, so I spent so long teaching her… Then she couldn’t stop … Bags, newspapers, shoes, fingers….! She would chew your hair, clean your whole face and let you blow raspberries on her tummy. Pru had to have a weekly bath as she couldn’t clean herself (holly used to pin her down and clean her!) Pru was the only cat holly has ever liked, they cuddled, holly told her off, Pru was always thrilled to wake Holly up. Pru yowled if she was left alone.

 Having a mental illness is difficult but she was always a comfort. Anyone she ever met loved her. We made her birthday Halloween and had a party each year. She hated storms & fireworks and climbed everywhere, she once climbed window decorations in front of about 100 Japanese tourists who were all taking her picture! I never got to read a paper without scratch marks in it, and no food was safe. Pru made her own rules. I’m not sure it’s possible I or if I ever have loved anyone as much as I loved Pru and Love Holly.

When Pru got ill it was September 2012, she began peeing on the bed, endlessly drinking and became unsociable. I knew she was really ill. The vet thought it could be a urine infection, but both blood and urine checks showed she had kidney failure, she stayed at the vets during the day, and we brought her home at night.

 They thought she might have a year left…. I cried like a baby, every time I looked at her I cried. It was then a cycle of different food, meds & cuddles. She was deteriorating fairly rapidly, the vet said she could eat whatever food she wanted, so I made her homemade tomato soup and put her meds in, and Tesco’s value cooked chicken. 

She made it to her 4th birthday, we bought her a fleece coat as she was always cold. We had a bittersweet party. After this she went down hill. We knew we had to make a decision, the toughest decision, we took her on 15th November, we played the song she was named after, and sat on the floor and cuddled her, she was so peaceful. The night before she seemed determined to show how well she was, eating a whole tin of tuna, taking all her meds.

 It broke my heart, our little meercat, the loudest cat in the world, both in purr and meow, was gone. I rarely cry, but even writing this has made me sob. We miss her every day and have such good memories. But her ashes & toy meerkat are always where she was…behind the bed!

Dear Prudence, it’s a brand new day, dear Prudence won’t you come out to play? The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you, dear prudence – John Lennon

Love Sooz x


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  1. Hugs, she sound like she was a fabulous cat and luckily she was loved xx

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  2. Katrina HJ says:

    Now I’m crying too! I’m so sorry for your loss!

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    1. Aww! I didn’t mean to make you cry! Thankyou! Love Sooz xx


  3. lisawedgie says:

    Was sad to read that as our little Nismo is the absolute double of your little one. She turned 3 the other week. Sounds like you made her a happy kitty.

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    1. Thankyou! She was the happiest little cat. Love Sooz x


  4. LydiaA1614 says:

    Everyone should have a black cat pop into their life! You can check out the story of Monkey on our blog. We just had a major health scare with her so I know how you must have felt with your dear Prudence. I love the name and she looked very sweet. Monkey is loud as well so I can relate on that level too. (hugs).

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    1. Oooh I’ll have a little read, I hope monkey is feeling better. Love Sooz xx

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  5. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    Such a beautiful story. Pru was lucky enough to get a second chance at life thanks to you. Well done 😉

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  6. Marc-André says:

    This made me cry :-(. We have a little noisy black cat ourselves. ❤

    P.S: if you'd like to post this as a tribute post on our Saturday guest stars i would be delighted to repost it on a Saturday to honour Pru!

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    1. Aww I’m sorry! Cuddle him/her extra tight! Love Sooz x

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      1. Marc-André says:

        Will do ❤ her name is Nubia. 🙂

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    2. Marc-André says:

      I’ve added this as a tribute post on our blog for the saturday 1st of april

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      1. That’s lovely, Thankyou!

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        1. Marc-André says:

          You are welcome! And sorry it’s taken so long. ❤

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          1. No, no don’t worry! Love Sooz x

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  7. bpd2know1amworthy says:


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  8. This one is a very sweet and moving post. I’ve liked it much -in spite of its being sad- because it’s also encouraging and reassuring about the loving nature of some human beings. It has also brought me nice memories of this beautiful song (I had not listened to it since many years ago, and I’ve done it now 🙂 Thanks! And Best wishes !

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  9. Dear Prudence was very lucky to have you, and you her. Although I teared up with this story, all I can say is ‘thank you’ on behalf of all animal lovers AND little Pru. Thank you for taking care of her.

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    1. I always think her coming into our lives was one of the luckiest things. In such a short time she taught me, helped me and loved me so much! Love Sooz x

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  10. I’ve just read your beautiful but sad story about your gorgeous Prudence on the Katzenworld blog. It made me so emotional.
    Prudence sounds like a wonderful cat, and you write about her in such a loving way. Your special relationship with her was beautiful.
    I had to make the awful decision to help one of my kitties over Rainbow Bridge last Dec. He was only 2 yrs 4 months old, but had health problems from birth. He was my special boy. We had a really special connection. I have 7 other kitties who I totally adore, but really miss the connection I had with him.
    So I completely understand the way you describe your feelings with Prudence.
    Sending you lots of hugs. ❤ xx

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  11. Robert Varga says:

    Please accept my sincere condolences, even if late, I just saw this.

    Other cat lover.

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  12. weggieboy says:

    You get feathers for your angel wings for taking her into your home and heart. Hugs and condolences for your loss. Black cats are great kitties

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  13. sending you love and light. sweet prudence is safe and has crossed the rainbow bridge.

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  14. The loss of a pet who gives unconditional love is very heartbreaking. So was your story. It reminds us to appreciate the pets we have today.

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  15. Rohvannyn says:

    You have my sincerest sympathy. She reminds me so much of my own departed boy – and she sounds like a really amazing cat. Let’s hear it for black Siamese crosses!

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