Being healthy is more than what goes on your plate. 

I have talked about my weight ‘then’ and what made me start losing weight, what I felt before I started, but what about emotionally? What keeps me going? It sounds cliche but if I knew what I know now, I would have started so much sooner, I’ve also learned that the scale is only about 20-30% of the story.

Instagram has kept me motivated beyond belief, some people may not understand or think I’m crazy (technically I am mad, but more on that in another post) but unless you’re part of that community you’ll never know! Being honest/saying things you can’t in ‘real life’, but seeing ideas, getting positive comments and constructive criticism, it’s almost addictive, however, I’ve connected with people across the world, who I would never have even imagined before.

That leads me to gratitude, positivity and trying to be a better person.

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing” – everyone ever!

Looking back makes me wince, my anxiety already makes me think back to that time in 2001 I said something stupid and I still toy with the idea of finding that person on Facebook to apologise! But more recently, I didn’t realise how my weight made me build a hateful, judgemental, fake confidence filled wall around myself. I laughed at people in the street, I picked others apart, I was a bitch- all to make myself feel better, did it, no! I would go home sit in bed watching box sets on repeat, eating, microwaving ,dry pasta and frozen food so I could shovel it in faster. That isn’t someone enjoying life.

I am 110% glad I found positivity, gratitude and some kind of self worth. I enjoy flavours of food, I try my best to treat people with respect, I’m kinder, nicer, smilier!

It hasn’t been easy, I’ve read blogs, watched YouTube videos,laughed, cried, been patient with myself, pushed myself past being grumpy. I’ve had bad days. But it doesn’t make me a good person, a nice person or a happy person being mean or hateful, it eats you up inside!

I’m unsure of the food I eat plays a part, but I don’t think about eating 24/7 . I think about food, I get excited about flavours and colours and new things. But not buying a family sized chocolate pudding and eating it in less than a minute! I have a healthy respect for what I eat, I enjoy cooking and using vegetables and herbs!

Being healthy is more than what goes on your plate, it’s a change in your entire life. Its also a constant change, there isn’t an end.
Love Sooz x
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29 thoughts on “Being healthy is more than what goes on your plate. 

  1. I love the character arc in this. I’m glad you’re in a better place mentally (does that sound like you’re brain dead? If so, that was not the intent).
    I’m also losing weight! Yay! It’s a drag sometimes, but at the moment I’m in positive mode, seeing it as an exciting journey. How long have you more or less maintained your positive outlook?

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    1. I’m not sure maintaining wise… I think it’s never 100% constant I have bad days but, I’ve been working on it progressively for about a year+ . Thankyou, I always appreciate comments, and no I didn’t see any kind of intent…although some days I do feel slightly brain dead! I’m glad you’re on your own journey, it’s as exciting as it is scary! Love Sooz x


  2. Love your blog!!!! I have lost over 150 total and have been maintaining over a year… Some days you can’t believe how easy it is, and some days you want to eat the rock when crawling under it isn’t an option. You can do it!!!!

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  3. I just want to say I love your blog. I think your messages are so important. We need more people spreading self love, because you’re right. Health is not all about size and measuring food, but also about really taking care of our hearts and minds.

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  4. Sooz, oh my gosh i am all about thinspiration on insta. I have some helpful tips in my blog you might enjoy as well. Definitely following yours for updates.


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  5. True dat 🙂 For me though, I always feel so much better within myself when I eat well. I go up and down less erratically, and I generally feel calmer and more grounded. I like the idea of actually putting stuff into my body which is good for it, and actually giving my body things which it needs. the phrase “you are what you eat always makes me feel good when my diet is good. Take care!

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  6. I love this post! It shows me how brave you are to have changed so much. I’m trying to change too especially losing weight and getting healthy. This post and all our post after I’m sure show me it’s not easy but it is doable. Do you have any words of encouragement? You can learn more about my struggles through my own blog!

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  7. I can totally relate with you. Food is much more exciting when you learn how to use and eat it. It makes you feel and see life differently. You become more aware of what goes inside your body and you become more respectful towards it.
    Thank you for blogging about your experience 🙂


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