Blogging….My imagination

So now I’ve started writing a blog, I’ve always imagined I would be a hilarious comedian, blogging in Starbucks on my fancy ass MacBook, drinking coffee and being glamorous… Well that didn’t happen! I’m lying in bed with my pyjamas on, looking anything but glamorous! I feel more like a council estate Bridget Jones with a Geordie-ish accent drinking orange squash! 

I’m unsure whether a spontaneous blog post is a good idea, so I’m going to start planning twice weekly posts, so I can really give them thought and the justice, I suppose, they deserve! 
Love Sooz x


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  1. Katrina HJ says:

    Your word look just like they would if they’d been written in the swankiest of cafés, and isn’t that what counts? Besides, you’ve got to look better than I did when I wrote my last post (peeling sunburn, sweaty shirt, old socks day-old braids)

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    1. Haha! No they were written in my holey pjs! Haha, we can dream, right? Love Sooz x

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  2. M. says:

    Pajamas, coffee shops, one of the beauties of blogging is that no one can see you! LOL. I tend to write in my PJ’s. I used to take my MacBook to the fab local coffee shop and try to look smart and fantastic among everyone else writing, reading, talking, and drinking coffee.
    I got half as much work done! So GO HOLEY PAJAMAS gurl! I like your posts.

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  3. Welcome to the club! ; )


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  4. cattycass says:

    Hi Sooz!
    Your like brought me over to your blog, glad it did!
    Be prepared for me to binge read all your stuff my next day off 😛
    I spend as many hours as I can in my onesie, pyjamas rock.

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    1. I hope you enjoy! Love Sooz x


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